Who I am

«My name is Paul. I grew up in the canton of Thurgau and studied economics in St. Gallen (FHS). Art inspired me even back then. My career as an HR manager at a large Swiss bank eventually took me around the world. I lived in Asia for many years. Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore were among the places where I spent time before returning to Europe to work in London, Zurich and Luxembourg.

For me, art was also a balance to my busy professional life. I promoted artists and collected art. I meticulously studied the origin and background of the works and thus developed my understanding of art.

But to create art myself? I never had this thought. Until one day I discovered small pyramids made of styrofoam in the garbage. These awakened my creativity. I painted them and glued them together to form three-dimensional pictures. That was the beginning of my second life as an artist.»